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First Look at Season 3 Titans’ Red Hood Suit

DC Comics and HBO MAX have revealed that in Titans third season, the heroes will be making their way to Gotham where they’ll be facing one of their own—Jason Todd. Angry over the Titans’ actions (or perhaps, lack of actions) at the end of season two, Jason will return for revenge as none other than Red Hood. And we just got our first look at his new duds.

The Titans don’t know what they’re in for…but we do! While Red Hood’s backstory has obviously been changed from the one we’re most familiar with, we have little doubt that the gun-toting former Robin will be every bit as angry and hot for vengeance as he usually is. Played by Curran Walters—who has said many times how excited he was at the prospect of Jason becoming Red Hood—we anticipate plenty of showdowns between Red Hood and his fellow former Robin Nightwing.

This image couldn’t have arrived at a better time, as the character of Jason Todd is having something of a moment right now. Earlier this month, his dark origin was adapted into an innovative animated movie that gave viewers the chance to alter his fate. Red Hood has also proven to be an integral part of Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok’s acclaimed DC Black Label comic, Batman: Three Jokers, and will be one of four playable characters in Warner Bros. Games Montreal’s upcoming Gotham Knights game. However, his appearance on Titans is likely the one that has fans most excited—it’ll be his live-action debut.

Titans’ first two seasons are currently available for streaming on HBO Max.

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